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 LEARN THE ART OF living better without stressing about feeling better

Let me guess, you are here not by chance.  Life has been serving you nonstop bouncers and you need help to stay on the field. It can be frustrating and anger-provoking to face trying situations one after another. You are looking for clarity on life issues and someone to listen to you patiently without judging and labeling. You need the right guidance to help address situations and handle life in a better manner. The days and nights of weeping, feeling lost, and fearsome can be addictive. You need someone that can understand where you’re coming from, to identify and draw a plan for recovery. Did you know that abilities are a result of education and life experiences? That one cannot do without the other. This is where I score high as I have had my share of trials and I only suggest practical doable exercises and not things that could cause a downward spiral due to the inability to comprehend and implement certain tips and techniques when one is troubled. I lost my only sibling when I was studying for my post-graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. My brother is a fallen hero of the Indian Army and had made the ultimate sacrifice when he had just turned 27. I was 24 and life had made a sudden 360* turn!! Soon After I lost my father and life just got a lot more challenging for me. I understand, grief, loss, anger, sadness, anxiety, and a host of other emotions that can throw one off balance. But do you know that it requires just one competent therapist to put your life back on track? The feeling of joy to be able to live and breathe freely without being bogged down by countless thoughts and addictive negative emotional patterns is like none other You can do that too! Yes, you can break the shackles of despair and embrace life once again. I’ll help you gain back the lost confidence and trust. Very soon you would be able to live the life you always wanted, and your dreams would have plans too. My core area of expertise lies in the ability to get hold of the root causes that create problematic patterns and addressing those using Talk Therapy/Psychotherapy (REBT, CBT, MBCBT, MBSR, DBT, SFBT, TA, GT, ACT,  Somatic Psychotherapy, IFS)


I am the founder of Mind Suggest Wellness Centre based in Secunderabad Telangana, India where quality counseling is provided for issues such as relationships, anxiety and stress, sadness and depression, grief, Teenage issues, etc. My happy client base has only been growing over the years. I am a multiple award-winning counseling psychologist and offer online as well as in-person counseling services. I am a leading expert on online wellness portals such as Vokal India, Thriive, Bolkar, to name a few. I love working with people and watch them blossom. Nothing makes me happier than watching my clients transform into responsible and capable people waiting to get back to life with zeal and passion. Let me tell you a secret today. In my work of touching lives, I must have helped millions (online plus in-person) in my career spanning over 23 years! Isn’t that satisfying and enough of a reason to give yourself a chance for choosing me as your therapist! Please feel free to visit all the pages on the website so that you understand how I work and what you’d be gaining by choosing me. I believe, even if you touch one life, it has the potential to transform many lives. Come take that step and together let us make a difference in your life! But before you decide to take this all-important step, you need to understand the difference between Living Better and Feeling Better Momentarily. You also need to believe that it is not necessary to feel better in order to live better!! Therapy with me is about living better with all that is going on within you and externally (in your life)! So, you will first learn that you don’t have to wait for things to change in order to live a good life. You don’t even have to wait for a good time or day to begin living a fulfilling life! Sounds interesting right? Well, it is very much possible to do so. Therapy at Mind Suggest is not about coping, rather you will learn the techniques of living better regardless of any internal or internal situation. All I ask from you is a commitment with the belief that you can live better! Wait no longer! Take that step today!! Kavita Panyam Counseling Psychologist Founder/Director Mind Suggest Wellness Centre

Educational Qualifications

  • Master’s In Psychology with a specialization in Counseling from University College of Arts and Social Sciences, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 1997
  • Certificate course in Psychological Counseling from Christian Counseling Centre Vellore, India. 1997
  • Diploma in Community Mental Health for Psychologists from NIMHANS Bengaluru March 2021.


  • International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Life member of the Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association (BCPA).
  • Life Member of the Counselors Council of India (CCI).
  • Life Member of Career Naksha

Professional Accreditations and Memberships