Q1 What is Psychological Counseling?

A: Psychological counseling addresses a vast bandwidth of mental, physical, and other issues one is having to face on a day to day basis. When the issues do not seem to go away with one’s efforts, psychological counseling can help address those in a structured and systematic manner thereby offering clarity.

Psychological counseling uses Talk therapy or psychotherapy, which are non-medical therapies. Talk therapy, more formally called ‘psychotherapy,’ refers to a range of treatments that involve discussing mental or emotional issues with a mental health practitioner, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. People who undergo therapy talk through their emotions, moods, thoughts, and behaviors. They learn about their mental health conditions as well as how to acknowledge and accept situations thereby freeing up the mind space to think through issues, arriving upon doable solutions via clarity received during therapy. The aim is to live better without stressing about feeling better. Clients begin to understand the difference between living better and feeling better albeit momentarily!

Q2 How many sessions would be required?

A: This would become clear after the first few sessions as it would depend on the intensity of the presenting issues. The therapist would monitor the progress and blocks to changes and draw out a treatment plan with the client. 

Without understanding the case and taking the complete case history of the client, it is not possible to suggest the treatment plan. 

Q3 How does one book a session with Mind suggest Wellness Centre?

A: You could click on the getting started icon at the top of the website and go through all the informative pages addressing queries. If you would like to understand your presenting issues, you may click on the services icon and go through all the issues mentioned over there.

 When you can identify your issues, please go over to the appointment request page under the getting started icon. Fill in the form and submit the same with all details. 

The rates for the therapies are mentioned in the page that goes by the same heading i.e. Rates. Payments are accepted via Google Pay, Bank Transfer, Paytm and PayPal. After the transaction is confirmed, sessions are scheduled with clients. 

In case you are not able to identify the presenting issues, please fill in the form with your symptoms/issues and we will get in touch with you. You can then book the session.

Q4 How is Therapy conducted at Mind Suggest Wellness Centre?

A: When your appointment is confirmed you would receive instructions from the therapist based on the mode of counseling (Online/In-Person).

The first session would consist of taking in the client history in detail. So, the client would share the presenting issues backed by stories while the therapist makes notes of the same.

Active listening with patience is the forte which builds rapport and trust between the therapist and client. It is important for clients to understand that they would not be judged, labeled, or ridiculed during therapy no matter what the stories are like. 

During the end of the first session the therapist would draw out a treatment plan with the client. Progress and blocks to changes would be monitored and sometimes the treatment plan could be modified accordingly.

Wherever required some brief assignments or homework would be given to clients which they would have to complete and share with the therapist. 


A: For any change to take place there must be a shift In the mindset. A new thought or behaviour requires practice or reinforcement to register as a habit.

During therapy it is possible for you to experience something known as healing crisis wherein you may find yourself going 4 steps forward and 2 steps backward. Please do not get alarmed that therapy is not working for you. This happens as the brain is getting adjusted to the new developments and is trying to flush out old patterns out of the system which can only happen by revisiting those places.

If this worries you or makes you anxious, please let your therapist know so that they can suggest relaxation techniques or talk to you about the anxiety.

Recovery is a two-way process wherein the therapist and the client work together to bring about the necessary changes and modifications. Without the client’s co-operation this cannot happen. Therefore, clients must take responsibility and actively work with the therapist.


A: In life you would come across many challenges just as everyone else. But some may face extreme challenges that could seem endless taking a toll on mental and physical well-being.

If after having tried everything on your own you find yourself stuck and unable to move, it may be time to seek therapy. If you are finding it tough to do basic chores, routine has come to a standstill, sleep disturbances and you are at a loss as to what to do, then yes, it is time to seek therapy. 

But it is better to see a psychologist before the issues turn chronic.


A: As a rule, all information is kept confidential. But sometimes it may be that certain cases where there is possibility of self-harm or possibility of harming others, relevant information could be shared with the concerned people to stay safe and seek timely assistance.


A: At Mind Suggest, we believe in cultivating the right mindset. The ability to identify the root causes that create problematic patterns, is the forte of the therapist. Root causes are then addressed with the help of Talk Therapy/Psychotherapy.

Kavita Panyam believes that our abilities are a sum of life experiences and education. One cannot do without the other. She has an experience of 22 years as a psychologist and has counseled thousands of people both online and in person. 

Having seen life from close quarters herself, she understands the difference between an empty empathy VS actual connect (in incidents and corresponding emotions.)

Her clients are surprised at her accuracy in describing emotions and feelings that clients experience, in just one session. She is known as a new age therapist and her Google business page ratings and reviews bear testimony to this.


A: As a counselee your role would be to participate actively in therapy as it is a two-way process. You would have to complete homework if given and work at changing the presenting issues with dedication and focus. The therapist would be monitoring progress and blocks, if any ,would be addressed.

Q10 Do you take guarantee for recovery?

A: Recovery is a process and does not happen overnight. You and the therapist would work together in bringing about the changes.  Your recovery would depend on a commitment to the therapist and dedication to the process. It is important to understand that change takes time and there are no shortcuts. Please don’t expect miracles without putting in the work. Once sessions are booked, no refunds are entertained on any account. Your recovery is dependent on your willingness and commitment to bring in the necessary changes along with the therapist.