Stress Counseling

stress psychological counseling

  1. Do you feel irritable, angry, and restless often?
  2. Do you experience fatigue and sadness as a routine?
  3. Do you feel insecure and forgetful?
  4. Do you face burnouts?
  5. Do you experience a lack of concentration?
  6. Do you experience food cravings such as eating too much or too little? Sugar cravings?
  7. Do you experience sudden angry outbursts?
  8. Do you abuse yourself with drugs and alcohol?
  9. Do you experience frequent bouts of crying?
  10. Do you have relationship issues?
  11. Do you feel uncomfortable in social gatherings? Have you been indulging in social withdrawal?
  12. Do you have sleeping difficulties?
  13. Is your immunity low, causing GI issues and other illnesses?
  14. Do you experience depressive states and anxiety?

Would you like to?

  • Live a peaceful life doing the things you love?
  • Connect with friends and family in a better manner?
  • Work to your potential best?
  • Become healthy and happy?
  • Sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated?
  • Develop immunity and live a fuller life?
  • Develop a healthy mindset?
  • Find a life purpose and regain a passion for life and living?
  • Work without distractions?
  • Learn effective psycho-social skills so that you can combat potential stressors immediately by yourself?

What I can offer?

I can help you identify the underlying conditions that are causing stress and help address those with the help of talk therapy/ psychotherapy. You will learn some alternative ways of addressing and lowering the effects that stress may have on the body. You may need to remove or change the source of stress. I can teach you how to free up space in your mind so that you can think of newer ways of living better using ACT therapy.

My Services Include

  • Customized¬†sessions for your specific symptoms/issues.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based stress reduction, Rational emotive behavior therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, Systematic desensitization, Solution-focused brief therapy, ACT, IFS.
  • Therapy may be used alone or combined with complementary therapies.
  • Therapy may be conducted individually, or it may take place in a group of people with similar problems. You can choose accordingly.