Mind Suggest Psychological Counseling Services

Greetings to you, Welcome to Mind Suggest Wellness Centre. Life is a gift granted to us, to live to the best of our ability. Would you like to live better without stressing about living better? Did you know that it is possible to live better in spite of the issues and problems in our lives? And that you don’t have to wait for the problems to leave in order to live a good life? In our busy chaotic schedules, one often forgets to prioritize oneself leading to stress. When not addressed in time, stress can manifest in the form of various illnesses in our bodies and the mind. Why not take that step today and change the direction of your life? Do you have a problem that you cannot discuss with your near and dear ones? Is there an issue that requires clarity? Do not wait any longer. Simply fill the form below and get in touch with us and before long your life would be back on track again. We assure you that your case would be kept strictly confidential at all times.

This is what you need to do in order to avail of our counseling services:

  1. Mention your name, age, and place in your communication.
  2. Write your problem in detail as it would help us in assisting you in a better manner.
  3. Please understand that counseling is a structured process and there could be more sessions required to address your issue.
  4. While communicating with us, please be assured that your details are kept confidential at all times.
  5. You would have to remit the amount before the sessions begin (both online and in-person) to confirm and schedule appointments. Urgent session requests would be accommodated based on availability.
  6. Any incomplete communication shall not be entertained.
  7. Money once paid would not be refunded. We accept Google pay, Phone pe and Bank transfer IMPS.
  8. Sessions cannot be cancelled after booking.
  9. Sessions may be rescheduled only once with prior intimation of at least 4 days. Urgent cases can be accommodated depending upon availability.
  10. Counseling requires co-operation and willingness to work towards betterment.
  11. Once a session has been booked, there can only be one rescheduling with prior intimation and the session has to be taken within 10 days after which it stands cancelled. There would be no refunds either.
  12. Late comers would lose out on the time allotted. No special allowances would be made in this regard. If clients fail to inform the office about late arrival at least an hour before the scheduled time, the session would be terminated after 15 minutes, and the next client would be accepted.
  13. Intake session details: The duration is 60 minutes. (In person, online via zoom) International tariff for individual sessions differs.
  14. The first session is called “the client intake session” wherein the client’s case history is taken. At the end packages are created. Packages are available so that continuity is maintained, and progress monitored. 
  15. Individual Counseling/ Online Counseling:  Video Call via Zoom. Customized packages are created after the Intake session for each client based on the solution frameworks designed for them. Works out better as many people require more than one session to address their issues.
  16. Couples Counseling:  Duration 2 hours.
  17. Career Coaching. Students- Psychometric Testing
  18. Working Professionals- Psychometric Testing 
  19. Payments are accepted via Google Pay, Bank transfer IMPS, Phone Pe. PLEASE NOTE – THERE ARE STRICTLY NO REFUNDS MADE ONCE SESSIONS ARE BOOKED.  Transfer the counseling fee using any of the below methods:
  1. Transfer fee to my UPI ID kavita.panyam@okhdfcbank
  2. Scan the QR code to make payment using Google Pay, Phone Pe.

Kavita Panyam UPI QR Code 3. International clients or NRIs can make payment on PayPal (For international tariff please check the rates page). Click this link paypal.me/kavitapanyam  COUNSELING REQUEST FORM (Enquiry Form)