Have You Any Views


I was talking to my friend today and it made for an interesting conversation. Has it ever occurred to you, about just how many opinions and views we house in our minds? You have just met someone , barely set eyes upon and ting goes the bell, you have formed a view already! There are cases where you have not even met the person and have a pre conceived notion about them. Why can’t we meet people just as they look and just as we feel, at that particular point of time?

The popular poem Baa Baa Black sheep has been ringing in my head since morning today and my mind came up with this version of it.

Baa Baa Black sheep
Have you any views
Yes sir, yes sir, plentiful
One for my relative
One for my friend
And one for my neighbor
Who is awfully painful

Amused? Don’t be, as this is the truth! A lot of trouble could be prevented and relationships improved, sometimes even saved if we followed the simple rule of observing people with restraint. After all, what goes around comes around! It’s never too late to learn and evolve. If you look around , You will find people avoiding some others for the same obvious reasons. What’s your take on this? Let me leave you to ponder on your views with this one liner I just created 🙂

Most of the times, it’s best to keep your lips sealed and views veiled!

Have a great day ahead,


Kavita 🙂



  1. Sometimes the more we say dont think of a white polar bear we imagine more about it. Mind is very strange ..many a times 10% we see 90% we create an image of that person having the qualities that we would like to see in them instead of knowing more and accept their traits as it is ..