It’s Okay to Walk Away


“Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own.”

Robert Tew

Most people find themselves caught up in a dilemma at some point in their lives. The nagging question often gets the better of them. They wonder as to stay or leave and this stage leaves only after they have bid adieu to sanity. Why wait till then? Is your life not precious? It is good to serve others, but when it comes at the cost of your own happiness, it just is not worth it.

To serve and expect is not right, they say. But what about the situation where you serve till the last drop of your blood and get indifference in return? Is that helpful? Does it make you happy? If it does, then it is mostly fear based and not based out of love. You can love another while ignoring your needs only to discover at a later date that something lacks in that relationship. Most often, it has to do with you and not with them. When you love yourself enough you know when and where to draw the line. It is only when you fail to this that you fall victim at the hands of others. So, who is to blame? Obviously you!

Abuse can come knocking in many forms neatly wrapped, at your doorstep. Before opening the package, make sure you check how prepared you are. If at that moment you find that you have a disconnect somewhere within yourself, wait. Do not hurry in opening the door or you will regret. Most often, people that need love feel the need to give it freely and in large doses thinking it would reach home someday. But no, this may not happen. When you need love, you need it. How, can you give something that you do not have? The balance is always uneven.

Emotional exploitation comes from family. It could be your parents, relatives, siblings…anyone. You are made to serve as they have given birth to your existence. Now, this is a major trap, one that can leave you insane and bankrupt emotionally and otherwise. Why would someone that loves you want to take advantage of your nicety? Surely love should be enough for that? I mean, would you not give it without any pressure and without being forced? Why does family put conditions on you? Fear, insecurity or ill will? You may raise your eye brows at this, but before you roll your eyes, take a moment to reflect on what I have just said and your heart will know.

It is okay to walk away!! Yes, you read that right. When things go out of hand and you know where you really stand, run…run far and fast. Save a life, yours, you deserve to live. How can you pour from an empty cup? When you are in an emotional state and cannot think well, give it some time, a few days but not your whole life. You have dreams too, a goal perhaps? Go, set yourself free. Live your life. It’s the least you can do for yourself.

One life! Live it well!