Move On


A lot has been written about break ups and moving on in life.  We come across people , some make a special  place in our lives  while  some others simply  touch our lives and vanish , sometimes without  our notice too. This happens  all the time. It need not be a bestie or a boyfriend/girlfriend only. It can be a faithful assistant,wellwisher,staff, anybody who has been close to your heart. The first  reaction is pain followed by anger, sadness,questions, and then it is followed by a period of introspection .

The right way to end your suffering is to first accept that it is over. Yes, you did build memories together, hang on to the  good ones and learn from the  bad ones. What happens is that, when you hold  a grudge against someone, you are not operating under acceptance, rather from revenge.

When you accept  the situation and come to terms with it you make peace with the person mentally and at the  same time are in a position to move on fully.  Unless and until you make peace , you are bound to this person or incident and this will make you revisit  this period of your  life  over and over again which will not let you move on. Moving on is not about  finding another person, it is more about  getting back to normalcy and going  about your  life with renewed  enthusiasm. Yes, the vacant place may be  filled up by a more suitable person when the time is right. Till, then bless your past, live your present and welcome your  future !


As you go your way
And i go mine
May the sun always shine
On what is no longer mine.

For it  is when you decide to wish good to your past ,  that you have trully moved on! After all  you live just once, live it well!