Where Do You Live


So,  I had five days to go before our annual holidays began and here I was, anxious and tensed with mixed feelings. Now, I had really been looking forward to this and could not understand why I was unable to feel the same enthusiasm as my family members. Was I thinking about how soon those seven days would end and before long we would be back to our busy routines? How , these thoughts were preventing me from enjoying the present moment of packing, shopping and more.

Many of us go through these feelings of uncertainty, doubts and apprehensions as the much awaited time draws nearer. I have seen people falling ill suddenly out of the blue, some getting unexpected extra work at their offices just before their planned events. Co-incidence? Not really! The anxiety about the future supported by some past events manage to cloud the present moment which is the only reality. People either dwell in their past or worry about the future , completely ignoring the present. It is important to take each day as it comes, making time to enjoy the simple things in the day-to-day life, like a walk in nature, sipping tea in the balcony reading a good book and other such little things. The present is all that we have, to live in, the past and future being imaginary. Realize this , become aware of what the present moment has to offer to you and as you do this , the unnecessary worries and tensions will soon fade away. What are you waiting for, go on that planned trip and enjoy it fully, buy that dream dress you have been saving up for!

Life offers no guarantees to us. The next moment itself is unknown making it a mystery. But then , mysteries are not to be feared. We try to plan our days to the best of our capabilities  knowing very well that our next moment itself is unknown. This is not to say that one must throw caution to the winds and live carelessly. One must be focused in life albeit not letting the present moment slip away without being aware of it. If you look closely, most of our regrets are because of taking decisions based on the imaginary future and historical past. The present moment is clear when it comes before us, it is we who define it , linking it with happenings, most of which is purely imaginary.

Free yourself from the unwanted baggage and imaginary mysteries. Get ready to welcome each dawn excitedly as it’s brand new and more importantly it’s yours to color. So, where do you live?

The past is history ——Make peace with it
Today is a new story—-Enjoy it
The future is a mystery——-do not fear it