Stonewalling – The New Age Weapon


You meet someone and hit it off like nobody’s business. Soon the two of you are inseparable. Each moment is dedicated to this special person in your life and you both would not have it any other way. You both go to the extremes to make each other seem special in each others eyes. There is constant communication through the day however busy you both are. Life seems so beautiful as you sing duets of true love. There is love yes, but what is true love and what is false love? Can you manufacture false love for months together? Is it possible?


As all good things hit rock bottom, your love reaches testing times and this is when you both are required to be strong. As familiarity seeps in, the best foot moves away and both feet show up, literally. You step on each others toes at times and yes it hurts, terribly. So what should you do then?


Communication is important in any relationship to keep it alive. But some people resort to stonewalling. Yes, no matter how many times you text them, you get silence as a reply. Days go by and still no communication! What is one supposed to understand from this? Has this person moved on or is he/she hurting and is silent for some time? Can a few minor incidents wipe out all the good ones?


To be so indifferent to a person he/she loved like crazy at one point of time, how is that even possible? Was it not true then, the relationship? Should he/she keep trying or move on? Would that mean the end of a once beautiful relationship? Is stonewalling not a weapon used by one on another to hurt them? Why not let them know the reality that they have moved on in life?

As a counselling psychologist, I see many cases on these lines. Did you ever face stonewalling? How did you handle it? What are your views on stonewalling?