Stubborn Streaks


This trait is ever so common and many of us are dealing with this, on a day to day basis. Not just kids, even elders display this trait, in huge numbers. How does one deal with this? There is a lot of anger and frustration involved while dealing with such people.

I know a Gentleman who refuses to be a part of his family functions, simply because, he wants to be cajoled and pleaded with. In India, without your spouse, married people cannot perform rituals and certain prayers. This stubborn attitude surely disturbs the peace of the house. And no, he has not attempted to change this attitude, till date. The Woes continue in this household.

Kids asking for impromptu presents is a common feature, which puts parents in a tight spot. These kids need to be taught about the value of a gift and when they are eligible for one. This will make them more eager to earn it.

There are Parents, who shower their affection on everyone except their own children. Yes, you read this right. There are such parents. This creates a rift between the parents and children. One that is filled with anger and sadness. These parents are too eager to show to the world, how loving they can be. They take their kids for granted. Little, do they know, what they are getting into. Time that has gone by, can never be replaced. There is no rewind button in life.

There are scores of examples here, I have just listed some cases. If people understand that this attitude, causes tremendous pain amongst their near and dear, or the people at the receiving end, they would make an attempt to change. But, the truth is that, you need to change yourself, to fit into the patterns of life. If things are not going right, relax and let go. There is a higher power operating somewhere, leave your cares to it. Ultimately, your peace matters the most. If someone causes pain to you, keep your distance at all times. After all, you live only once, live it well.