To Retaliate Or Not


If only humans made good use of their intellect and expressions! Hardly anyone I know has been spared of personal attacks, jibes, hurtful comments etc. Social life is under a lot of stress, these days. Even when you are meeting a friend or relative after ages, there is always a chance of getting hurt. There are many people that have stopped socializing due to this reason.

Communication is full of silly personal jokes these days. Wonder what has happened to etiquette? The desire to be an extrovert has handicapped relationships to such an extent that friendships are losing their sheen very easily. An extrovert and somebody popular is certainly not someone who is rude and outspoken. Being loud in social gatherings is another problem. If you have shared something personal with a friend, it is thrown back at you in full public view. It is best to choose friends wisely and after careful scrutiny.

Selfish needs often force people to act in a kind way initially and after seeking the friendship, the real nature comes out. Trust has taken a severe beating.  Should one retaliate to such rude remarks or not? While it is sensible to ignore such things, too much of silence can stir up anger in a person. What then, is the right way to deal with such people?

If only, parents raise their kids with proper values and a strong belief system, will there be any change in the social system. Politeness and tact play a very important role here. This is very time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but very worth it, in the long run.

So, the next time someone indulges in a personal attack on you, what will you do? The question here is, “To retaliate or Not?”


  1. I fully agree with your views Kavita, somewhere down the line parents have forgotten to teach their kids manners, etiquettes, values etc. they should!

    there is no use getting into a duel but in clear words, once tell that person to stay within his/her limits and after that if needed erase him/her from your blogging world, resist the temptation to see what s/he is doing behind your back, it is much better choice for decent people who hate mud slinging.