Cherish Your Life


A couple of days back, a man in the neighborhood committed suicide. He had a garments shop and we knew him as we were his customers. The last time we visited his shop, we could make out that his business had suffered a loss, as there was hardly any stock in his shop. And a few days back, while returning home, we found an ambulance and cops outside his door. He had taken his life. This came as a shock because he was a soft hearted gentleman, not impulsive at all. Why had he taken this drastic step? Why did he not ask for help, take counseling, why did he leave his family, two young children, what will become of them?

Such cases are not uncommon these days. The media is full of such reports. Taking your own life, is the new age escape! Let us look at some ways through which we can enrich our lives and avoid isolation, so that this option is never thought about.

Life has become hectic. Nuclear families are on the rise. Adaptability has decreased. The need for privacy has resulted in inefficacy. It becomes very necessary to have a close friends circle. This obviously means that, you must make time to socialize and create lasting friendships.

Meditate, read inspirational books, attend life skills workshops. Go out on a weekend and get refreshed. Spend quality time with your family. Share, I cannot emphasize more, talk about your challenges, goals, aspirations, disappointments, and more, with people close to you. Form a support group. Nothing wrong, it does not make you vulnerable.

Try out other career options, circulate your requirements amongst people known to you. Motivate yourself to work better. Setbacks are common, learn from them, grow, move to a smaller house if finances worry you. Make the required changes. Things, will improve. Stay strong. Take your family into confidence.

Never compare yourself with others. Each person is blessed differently. Focus on your blessings only. Remember, Inspiration is different from jealousy.

Last, but not the least, bless each day, as soon as you wake up, for it gives you another chance, another day, to make things better. Gratitude, opens doors, of a different kind altogether. Your life is too precious to be wasted.