Make Happiness A Habit


The word happiness brings forth images of smiling people totally contented with life. Who does not want to be happy? Some people think, it is necessary to have everything that we desire, in order to be happy. This is far from the truth. Happiness is a state of mind. One can be happy with whatever one has and wherever one is, at any particular point of time. Small things in life matter the most, as they happen on a daily basis. If we make it a habit to be happy at the smallest of achievements, we would not put our lives on hold for something spectacular to happen, in order to be happy.

In my opinion, being happy is how you perceive things, rather than how they appear in front of you. A single incident can provoke mixed reactions amongst different people. You need not have a exceptional life, in order to be happy. Some of the things that make me happy are—–

As soon as I wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, I feel happy and thank God, for another day and a chance to make things better, in my life. As I sip the hot coffee sitting in my balcony, the chirping of birds, milk packets being circulated along with the newspapers, vendors selling leafy greens, all these things give me new ideas to write. It is exciting as new ideas come to mind and I jot them down in my book. The quietness of this part of the day, is what, I love the most.

I love going on long drives. Greenery fascinates and soothes my tired soul. We often cook something quickly, pack it up and go out on impromptu picnics. The destination is also not decided before hand, adding to the suspense. I love waterfalls too. Being near ponds and lakes is a stress buster. Soft music playing in the background, as we zip off to our destination is my idea of a weekend getaway.

I love dogs, so much, that at one point, I had seven of these gorgeous beings living with us, under one roof. I think dogs are natural mood lifters and can really cheer up humans who need this support. The unconditional love and support of a dog has to be felt to be described.

Family time, is as important as Me time, for me. Talking to my kids about their day at school and the happenings relaxes me. Being a mother of two boys, there’s never a dull moment at my place. The thing I love the most is cooking for the family,together with my husband, on weekends. It is therapeutic, for me.

Every time I spot people who are unhappy, I send out a prayer their way and this makes me happy too. Smiling babies, contented elderly people, they also make me happy.

What is happiness? Living in the now, this moment. Whatever is the problem, you are facing, take into account your present moment and make it a point to be happy. That headache may have troubled you since morning, but have you realized, that you are free from it now? Do not cling to situations, for they come and go. Make friends with happiness and very soon it will become a habit, one that you will always cherish.


© 2015 Kavita Panyam