How a Good Name is the Answer to Greater Success


A good name is rather to be chosen than riches.

– King Solomon

What’s in a name, you may feel? A name is just used to address someone. Why take the pains to choose a good name for your child? A good name is one which makes a person more confident to face the world. Imagine someone with a name which is more of a tongue twister. How embarrassing life would be for him when he finds people shying away from him due to pronunciation issues. This is one of the reasons why choosing a good name is important.

Many parents do not take the trouble of finding good names for their kids. They may choose to use a deceased grandparents name instead. Emotions may get in the way of rational thinking. With a little bit of research and help, one can come up with good names for their children. Then there are some other parents who use the fusion of their names, flushed under a romantic tide. Now, while this may sound mushy and help the couple remain in love, it may not be the ideal name for your child. A good name has certain parameters which have to be followed.


 What is a good name?

A good name is one which is easy to pronounce, sounds good and gives you confidence. Tongue twisters and difficult names lead to more chaos in a person’s life. Your child would feel the after effects of your naming him when he starts going to school. Many kids are teased and bullied due to their names. A good name should make you feel at peace. There are many adults who have gone in for a name change later on in life as they were unhappy with the names given by their elders.

A good name gives you the boost required to excel in life as you have fewer inhibitions. Feelings of embarrassment and shame reduce confidence and self- esteem levels. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that crosses your mind is how you feel at that moment. When your mind carries baggage in the form of anger, shame, and humiliation, you are not at peace. To question the people who named you at a later age is futile for most people and they end up living with the given name for the rest of their lives.

A good name prepares you for success as you associate it with feelings of pride. The drive to excel is greater and the results incredible. You may feel that in the end, only success speaks. While this is true, not many can boast of this achievement as the drive to excel and make a mark is not an inborn talent in most people.

A good name is attractive and adds to your overall appearance. This wins you more friends and acquaintances.

A good name increases your happiness quotient. Feelings of joy and happiness lead to a positive outlook towards life.

A good name helps in attracting prospective grooms/brides more easily.

How does one go about choosing a good name?

A good name can be found in books containing names of babies. There are various books available online and in print version containing unique and attractive names. Choose easy names that sound good on your lips. You wouldn’t want to be put to shame by stammering while calling out your son’s name!

A good name can be a found with the help of friends and relatives. Of course, the final decision should always be yours.

A good name can be the name you’ve always cherished. But make sure it suits your child’s looks and personality. This is very important, especially in the current times. The trend is to match the personality with the name.

While all of the above may seem mundane and run of the mill to some of you, it is important to take note of this point of view. After all, you are known by a name which is yours to either cherish or despise all your life.

What’s in a name? Everything and nothing. Everything because your name is your identity and though the name might not be unique or uncommon, you certainly are and you deserve a good name! And nothing, because the desire to choose a good name for your near and dear ones may rest on your shoulders and if you don’t do justice to it, there would be nothing greater than this regret that you could’ve done your bit and saved the jibes and hits on your close ones.

You live once. One life! Live it well!

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