Perceptions And Conceptions


When you conceive what others perceive, whom do you deceive? Yourself! In this fast paced world, the urge to don the leadership cap and preach is spreading like crazy. Social media fuels this urge further. For, what you write, is read by millions across the globe. Having this tool with you, many go about to fool. A lot many personal accounts claim to be spectacular. People follow some of these very seriously. Do so by all means. But first check the credentials before you go ahead.

This is not to say that they are not genuine. Just that, one must allow oneself some space to think well before conforming. After all baking might be an addiction for some and just an addition for some. Philosophy might be your small talk attraction while for some others it might be a heartfelt passion.

Hold onto your basic justified perceptions even if you accept some new diversions. After all, no one can take your place in your life. 🙂