Why Me?


Have you ever asked this question? This one question that haunts millions of people across the world? Most often, this question is asked, in times of distress. Seldom, do we think of such questions when the going is good.

When I lost my only brother 19 years ago, this question arose in my mind. It sure made me restless and my hunt for the answer started. I was barely out of this, when my father passed away! This left me broken and even more restless. Since then, the search for this answer has led me to several knowledgeable people, lots and lots of books and several visits to significant places. The search is still on, the only difference being that I am no longer restless.

One has to just look around and several such stories of sudden unpleasant happenings would come out. This is life and nothing here, is permanent and yet, we look for permanency and guarantees! The real restlessness is caused when you are in the dark, when you operate with limited knowledge. There are people who have been more fortunate than you, but this must not affect you negatively. Battles are unique and totally individual. In the same way blessings, too are selective. This is not to say that only some are blessed. Every being is blessed in a different way. There are people who have lost their near and dear ones or a major life event changed their lives. Regardless,this one question makes life uncomfortable, for sure.

As for me, my search has not ended, as yet. But I have learnt many valuable lessons and somewhere I managed to bid goodbye to the restlessness. When you learn to live each day with the same enthusiasm, being grateful for it, your perception changes. While it is not easy to fill the void, there are ways to enrich your life. I read a lot of books, visit religious places, hold lengthy discussions with learned people. I have tried astrology, numerology, nadi astrology, tarot etc. These can only provide a direction, for the blueprint of your life, lies with the almighty. There are no quick fixes in life.

There is just one way around this question. When you value what you have today, you may not be restless when it is taken away from you, tomorrow. Unfinished lessons cause upheavals. Cherish the people in your life, be grateful for all the blessings, and try not to hold a grudge towards any dressings.  Communicate more often and from your heart. Apologize for your mistakes as it clears the air and sews up the tear. Well, almost. If they matter, shower your love and care today, why wait for any other day? Regret is what causes this question, in the first place. All grudges dissolve in the final moments. Should you wait until then? Sometimes, it is too late, causing a permanent scar. Unspoken truths and secret confessions should not be carried too far.

That’s the best one can do, as this is life and it’s beauty lies in it’s impermanence.



  1. Hello, fellow 201-er! I’ve accepted your invite to peruse your site and it is lovely. This post in particular is very poignant; your writing is thoughtful, honest, and compassionate. You are obviously a lady aware of your own spirituality, and willing to share that search with others. Thank you.

  2. Sorry to hear about your brother. That must have been hard for you.
    I can relate to this. It’s been years. I survived. I do not ask that question anymore. It makes sense to me. I am destined to do something better than what I was doing in my corporate career. So it all happens for a reason.
    Great post !