The New Age Parenting


Blessed are those couples who give birth to children. But lucky are those children whose parents provide an environment of unconditional love and support coupled with mutual affection leading to respect. The atmosphere at home is very important for children to grow into well balanced adults.

In the olden days, parents were authoritative. There were orders and instructions given out and children had to comply. This resulted in several generations shaping up the same way. Somewhere down the line, a new concept of parenting came up, which was more friendly in it’s approach. A few families adopted this approach and their children have flourished and prospered.

My own parents were authoritative. As a child I was not allowed much freedom, be it in decision making or exploring the world. I resented my freedom and wanted to fly the nest as soon as possible. This is not to say that I resented my parents, rather I resented their approach towards parenting. As I grew up, I found that decision making made me anxious and irritable. How I wished, my parents had been more friendly in their approach towards parenting.

Children need a well balanced upbringing in various areas like social, personal, religious and more. A balanced approach is nothing but being a friend to your children, guiding them with unconditional love and care. Parents must understand that children need to explore the world in order to learn and grow. A few falls and scratches are inevitable in this journey. One must not be over protective or too strict here. As children learn what’s good and bad for them, they become more confident and can cope better in testing times. This certainly does not entail, leaving them alone to face life.

I have always been more of a friend and confidante to both my sons. Teenage is feared by most parents and many have tried to pass this on to me. I must mention here, that I have always imparted sufficient knowledge pertaining to different ages and their challenges to both my sons. This has made it possible for me to enjoy the various phases of their growing years. My teenager is a mature child and any discussions that we have, are fruitful to both of us. There is a lot that parents can learn from kids too. Technology is ever changing and children help us stay tuned to these new innovations. Another Practice of mine is to spend time separately with both my sons, doing what they like. Both are poles apart when it comes to their interests. Then, we have family time, where four of us get together and watch a movie, play board games or go to a park etc. The right values of caring and sharing have to be instilled very early in their lives.

Guiding children with unconditional love and care is not the same as being lenient. Pampering  them sometimes is also fine, as long as everything else is in place. By this I mean, their general outlook towards life. Children tend to become more of what they see, rather than what they hear. This makes it important for parents to monitor their actions and speech carefully. This is your garden as you have sown the seeds and tended to the growing plants. Wouldn’t you love to have a beautiful garden with healthy plants and fresh blooming flowers? Parenting should not become an ordeal as that steals away all happiness.

Children, as they grow, tend to remember, the quality time spent together, more than, the gifts showered upon them. Some parents resent the loss of their freedom during the growing up years of their children and substitute their time with gifts. Most regret this act when they grow old. The joy of watching your son learning to ride a bicycle, helping your daughter bake her first batch of cookies, watching your baby walk for the first time, the first babble, smile, the list is endless. It is these small things in life which you must treasure as parents. Be a confidante, do not pass judgments too soon, let them discuss their fears and apprehensions with you. I have taught my sons, very early in life, that freedom comes with responsibility and that there is no substitute for truth. Their belief system and values are strong which makes me proud of them.

New age parenting is a must and should be inculcated in all families as this would help in strengthening the bond between parents and children. Before you know it, your children grow up and are ready to fly the nest. Won’t you let them fly away with beautiful memories of their childhood? This is the best gift that you can give to your children.

So, are you an authoritative or new age parent? Regardless of what you may be, there is always scope for change. Play an active part in your child’s life. Have meals together, make these times full of fun and frolic. Why don’t you start with breakfast? Get up a little earlier and make sure you meet at the breakfast table often. Oh, and don’t forget to include kellogg’s Chocos in your breakfast. This tasty and healthy breakfast will surely build your health and bring about cheer and happiness in the mornings. Be a happy parent and love your children unconditionally, while being a friend to them.


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