Your Handwriting Reflects Your Interest levels


“the beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny, of human handwriting.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion



When you see a person, you look at their face, features, voice, gauge their emotions and so on. Did you know that the handwriting has an emotion attached to it?  That it is quite possible for one person to write in different ways at different times?

Have you wondered how this is possible? Emotions play a role in most of our activities. When we are happy, the handwriting may be neat and written with care. What happens when are in a hurry? The handwriting is mostly a scribble scrawled across in a haphazard manner. When it comes to students, when they go back home, if their notes do not make sense, some of them press the panic button and rush to their friends. In the same given time, have you tried to find out how the friends had managed to take down the notes neatly? How you write, at any given moment, is dependent upon your interest level at that particular time.

When you take down notes quickly and shabbily, a part of you is not at peace, as sooner or later you would have to struggle to try to understand what you’ve written. Writing neatly and quickly can be learnt. A badly written piece can leave you in a foul mood when you feel helpless and angry at your predicament at not being successfully able to decipher it. Help is just a learning away.

Most doctors write out their prescriptions in a hasty manner that is quite tough to decipher. This has become a style now. There are patients that change doctors for this particular reason. Thankfully, in corporate hospitals, most of the paperwork is done on a computer nowadays. But again, not everyone is fortunate to seek advice from such hospitals. Doctors can write out a neat prescription if they make up their minds.

Most often, the culprit is the pressure building in the mind about the lack of time. In other cases, it could be boredom and the thought of doing something other what is happening in the present. Time can be managed through practice. It is the interest and the willingness to write neatly that is challenging for most people. At a recent workshop on Hypno-NLP that I had attended recently, this thought came to me when I saw people taking down notes in different ways. When I had missed something, I looked into the book of the person on my left and found that I could not understand anything while the person on my right was taking down notes systematically and neatly. I found it interesting and decided to write about this.

Lack of interest in that particular subject leads to laziness and a feeling of boredom trickles in. If not addressed in time, this can become a habit that is tough to change. Students with illegible handwriting’s often scored less. A good handwriting reflects a state of calm. There are exceptions, of course.

Does your handwriting change with your interest levels?



  1. My handwriting have changed a lot…. But i haven’t used pencil/pen much after my college days.. i will say my handwriting is better now although i use my system/ipad/mobile to scribble. But dont know how it automatically got better. ????

  2. A very interesting read! I definitely agree with you here that handwriting can be affected by your mood and impact what you take down. My handwriting is a lot worse when I’m not interested. Despite this, I’m sure there are cases of people with naturally bad handwriting who are attentive and have a calm state of mind. In the end, I think the quality of the content is more important than the form.

    Nowadays most students take down notes by typing and this has helped remove the ‘pressure’ and illegible writing you speak of. It’s also made us really lazy and easily distracted. I think it would be a very interesting read to know if there’s a correlation between typing/typed notes and interest level.

    On my blog I’ve written an article on the consequences of typing and the benefits of writing for learning. Have a look and let me know what you think!

      • That is true, your state of mind and the environment is very important to the quality of work and the quality of writing (in both looks and what you write). It also depends if the person sees ‘it’ as a problem. I wonder how many people actively see an issue in how their writing looks and whether they make the effort to improve it. Thanks for reading my work!